OTEX has the know-how
to finish polyamide and
polyester filament yarn into
skin-friendly …

… or extra strong yarns and
to fulfill the most individual
customer wishes in texture
and color.

OTEX-yarns have a
soft, silky haptics – …

... extremely elastic and
very dimensionally stable.

OTEX-yarns are processed
in your product comparable
to natural fibers
, …

… but significantly
more durable and thus
more enduring.

OTEX-yarns ensure maximum and fidelity ... color stability and fidelity

… through the use of
premium dye
and our long-
term color expertise.

OTEX-yarns are sustainable:
We texturize and finish

… also recycled Polyamid-
and Polyester yarns

OTEX-yarns stands
for decades …

… for highest quality –
Made in Germany

OTEX allows individuality in the entire finishing process for your yarn requirements –
from fineness, texture, twist, color to product packaging for your optimal production.

OTEX has been developing and manufacturing the highest quality yarn for many decades:

Medical Devices

  compression stockings
  flat knitted lymphatic products

Technical Textiles

  flat knitted products
  circular knitted products
  woven products


   sport- and outdoor-clothing
   compression clothing




We finish a hardly comparable wide range of polyamide and polyester filament yarns according to your requirements.

Close partnerships with selected, high-quality POY producers from Europe and Israel are an important element of our philosophy, our innovation and our success.


We finish your yarns with a special protective twist according to your specification.


We dye according to your color sample based on modern colorimetry and with strong dyeing competence.

We enable high washing and color fastness.

You flexibly determine your batch sizes from two to 500 kilograms.

We produce eco- and resourcefriendly with high-quality premium dyestuffs and auxiliaries.


We spool your yarns on precision spooling machines from SSM in the package of your choice (bobbin diameter and structure, rigidity and avivage).

OTEX-Quality: We test your yarns in all production steps in our laboratories and thus guarantee the highest manufacturing standards.

For many decades, OTEX stands for a special quality of puffy, especially voluminous yarns.
At our traditional location in Flöha in Saxony we continue the textile success story.

OTEX is and will remain one of the more and more rare specialists for polyamide and polyester filament yarns in Europe.

Competence, sense of responsibility and long-term thinking and acting are the stable elements of our demanding production chain, whose high quality results of which our longstanding partners really do appreciate.

With our tradition, passion for yarns, ambition and proven solution orientation, endless possibilities open up to shape the future of textile applications. 

Consistently high quality, flexibility and customer service are our standard – innovation for and with our customers is our claim.


As the largest industrial employer in Flöha and the surrounding area with more than 80 employees, we offer an interesting range of training and job opportunities and offer secure future prospects with a wide range of opportunities for further development.

We assure an intensive support by longtime experienced and motivated employees. From the first day, trainees and new colleagues are members of the OTEX team and, after extensive training, are given exciting tasks and topics to work on independently in the further course.

Working on innovative products for many areas of life is our daily motivation.

Training opportunities

Product Finisher Textile

As a product finisher, you go into action whenever a production machine needs to be set up properly. You know the process flows and control the finishing processes. You know how process control systems work and are proficient in calculating finishing recipes.

Machine operator Textile

As a machine and plant operator, you take action when a production machine needs to be operated and maintained in a professional manner. You know your equipment and know how the machines have to be adjusted and maintained. You are proficient in professional operation and retooling as well as in diagnosing and correcting faults.

Production mechanics

You can live out your passion for technology in this apprenticeship: Your tasks include controlling machines as well as their constant maintenance and servicing. You know the process sequences, understand mechatronic systems and know which yarns and fabrics are used. You are proficient in operating the machines and are responsible for their quality inspection.


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